BFEFP 2021 Evaluation

The “Team” at BFEFP has been honored to host this inaugural gathering. To help us in the future, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

In addition to the Ensemble / Retreat sessions, we offered additional educational sessions. Please take a moment to let us know how these sessions added to your BFEFP experience. If you did not attend one of the sessions, simply scroll past it.

M-1 Liturgy Music Planning Session – Monday – Steve Petrunak, Jaime Cortez, Mary Dumm

M-2 Inclusivity and Justice in Music Ministry – Monday -ValLimar Jansen

M-3 Music Technology Session – Tuesday -Peter Maher

M-4 Authentic Prayer and Praise- Faith Sharing Session – Wednesday -Lynné Gray

M-5 Managing Music Programs – Wednesday -Steve Petrunak

Events – This week, in addition to the prayer and education events, we gathered for communal events. Please let us know your thoughts on these events.

E-1 Opening Session

E-2 Faculty Concert

E-3 Open Mic Participation Concert

E-4 Post Open Mic Party

Thinking of the future, we have a few questions that would help us best serve the Ensemble Community.

Thank you for your time and input today. The team at BFEFP will consider all comments as an opportunity to learn and improve as necessary. We appreciate your opinions as fellow Ensemble Musicians in service to the church.

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